Stork 440 COMPACT

Product description

The DV “Cereal Sampling Probe” is the fastest and easiest way to take a sample from an open trailer with remote control.
The sampling unit can be used to identify product mixes with different characteristics and of different quality.
The sample is taken when the trailer is on the weighbridge allow the single hand operation both for sampler and weight.
The sampling unit for cereals and other granular material is designed to select from each batch of material homogeneous sample which can be tested rapidly and with he highest level of reliability.
The machine has an hydraulic movement and can be extended and retracted, turned 0-350° and raised or lowered vertically, hydraulic system allows progressive and no snap movement.

Three sampling method:
1. Spiral probe
2. Single suction probe
3. Double suction probe

Technical parameters: 

  • PROBE LEGHT : Spiral probe 1860 cm, Suction probe 1870 cm
  • PROBE MOTOR : Kw. 0,37 (2 pole B14)
  • SUCTION UNIT : 900 watt /220 single phase motor
  • HYDRAULIC MOTOR CYRCUIT : Kw 1,5 - 4pole - B14 – 1400
  • HYDRAULIC POWER SUPPLY : 220/380 V- 50 Hz three phase
  • OIL RESERVOIR : Kg.10 (Nuto 46 Esso or similar)