About us

We mainly focus on the production and processing of grain, from primary production - Sampling of raw materials to food. For these segments, we offer both laboratory instruments and equipment for analysis by referee methods and apparatus for quick analyses - NIR analysers, gravimetric and electrical moisture testing, etc..

Except of these special areas we have customers also from another sectors of industry, health and education, we work together with primary and secondary schools and universities, scientific research centres and others.

Below are some important dates of Mezos company „live“:

1990 - A joint stock company (a.s.) Mezos was established. Its first significant activity was the introduction of grain moisture meters for commercial transactions - Supermatic SM 15 and SM 20 and together with The Czech Metrology Institute, including a calibration network for these moisture testing. 

1993 – As a result of the split of Czechoslovakia also, the company Mezos split into Mezos s.r.o. and a Slovak part - Mezos-SQ s.r.o..

1994 - A public limited company it set aside a section dealing with laboratory equipment from the limited liability company - Mezos spol. s.r.o. 
Company Mezos spol. s.r.o. in the Czech market sells laboratory equipment not only for agriculture and food industry, but also for other industries, and for these instruments provides a warranty and post-warranty service. In addition to sales and service it also carries out training, workshops and consultancy for laboratory and quality management. Since its establishment, Mezos spol.s.r.o. has constantly been expanding its range of services so that it can satisfy even the the most demanding and very specific customer requirements in a range of the quality services, from the purchase of agricultural products to food products and services.

2000 -The Business and Economic departments are located in Hradec Králové, the Executive part of the company is located in Náchod, in the Czech Republic.

We are main distributor for Czech republic:

DICKEY-John, Auburn, USA (Moisture Testing, NIR Analyzing) - http://www.dickey-john.com/

Bruins Instruments, Germany (NIR Analyzing) - http://www.bruins.de/ 

D.V.srl., Cusano di Zoppola, Italy (Sampler) - http://www.dvsrl.com/

Mezos-SQ s.r.o., Banská Bystrica, Slovensko - http://www.mezos.sk

Other company’s which we are selling:

Velp Scientifica srl., Usmate, Italy (Food and Feed, Environment, Stirring line ) - http://velp.com/en/ 

Metefem, Budapest, Hungary (Laboratory mill) - http://metefem.hu/

ROBERT RIELE, Berlin, Germany (Photometer) - http://riele.net/

Tekpa Food and Technology Products Trade Inc., Ankara, Turkey - http://www.tekpagida.net/

Delmhorst Europe, Titaniumlaan 100, Netherlands - http://www.moisturemetersdelmhorst.com/