Product description

Convenient, fast, reliable and calibrated for up to 20 different grains.
However, our 35 years of experience designing and selling grain moisture equipment around the world as well as a large library of over 400 grain calibrations have demonstrated portable grain moisture analyzers can also successfully be offered to:
- Contractors (custom operators) to adjust their combine in the field. The moisture sensor on the combine is often quite inaccurate.
- Farmers or grain stores drying corn (mostly in Central Europe) or cereal grain (mostly in Northern Europe)
- Seed breeders and traders
- Coffee and Cacao growers and traders (locally and at importers in Europe)
- Mills and grain processors
- Coops and elevators
- Commercial grain traders in certain countries

Main Features

  • Use the same calibrations as the GAC 2100 Analyzers
  • Simultaneously displays Moisture, Temperature
  • No screw-on cap, easy to operate
  • Sample loader for increased repeatability
  • Portable, robust, with over 25 years of expertise in grain measurements
  • Convenient on the farm, in the field or in the combine and at storaging
  • 20 grains in memory with over 20 selectable local languages
  • Averaging feature based on the last 10 measurements
  • Bias adjustment of moisture and test weight
  • Comes in a suitcase for easy and safe storaging and transportation

Technical parameters:

  • Weight: 1.1 Kg
  • Humidity: 5-95%
  • Power Source: A 9V alkaline battery is included