Product description

The InfraCheck™ is a compact, cost effective NIR reflectance instrument with unsurpassed performance.
This full featured analyzer features a color touch screen interface, and an easy to use top mounted sample cup.
Simply fill the cut with the powder, paste, or gel and in about 30 seconds your sample is measured and the results are displayed.
The ability to accept MLR calibrations from older filter based instruments from Perten, DICKEY-john, Bran+Luebbe and others make it an ideal replacement or upgrade without the need for creating a new calibration.
Or dramatically improve your measurement precision and accuracy by creating statistically sound and robust PLS calibration methods.
The InfraCheck is also ideal for the rapid screening of incoming materials by utilizing the powerful built-in discriminate analysis software.  

Typical Applications
Flour, tea, pastes, gels and most homogenous substances…

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions:  345 X 384 X 215 mm 
  • Weight: 28 kg 
  • Wavelength range :  Standard: 1100-2500 nm  · 0.5 nm scan increment 
  • Sample Presentation:  top loading reflectance