HU 6

Product description

The HU 6 Hydrolysis Unit is designed specifically for the preliminary hydrolysis of food samples prior to the analysis to determine the total fat content percentage.
The unit houses up to 6 glass test-tubes 42mm meaning that up to six samples can be hydrolyzed simultaneously.
The quantity of sample required depends on the fat content of the sample itself and ranges from 3-10g.
Hydrolysis is carried out in an acid environment (hydrochloric acid 4N) or in some cases in a basic environment (ammonium 20% w/v) for approximately one hour at a temperature of 170°C.
The Hydrolyzed sample is then filtered in a glass crucible and washed with warm de-ionized water to eliminate traces of Hydrochloric acid.
The dry hydrolyzed sample then undergoes extraction by solvents in the Velp SER148 3/6 in order to determine the percentage total fat content.
The HU6 offers the possibility of reproducing the exact operating conditions, ensures complete operator safety and a saving in terms of time and costs (chemical reagents).
The compact design of the instrument also saves space on the laboratory bench.

Technical parameters:

  • Construction material: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
  • Number of samples: 6 samples
  • Set temperature: display visualization
  • Countdown: display visualization
  • Display: LCD
  • Number of programs: 20
  • Selectable language: I, F, UK, E, D, T
  • Power: 1.350 W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 355x590x450 mm
  • Weight: 14.5 Kg 
  • Temperature range: from room temp. to 200 °C
  • Temperature calibration: automatic
  • Stability of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5°C
  • Homogeneity of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5°C
  • Precision of the heating block temperature: ± 0,5°C
  • Reaching of set temperature: acoustic and visual signal