GAC 2100 GI

Product description

The GAC2100 GI is particularly designed for grain handling and trading operations needing a simple and easy-to-use instrument for immediate moisture, test weight and temperature information of up to 16 different grains, with high repeatability and performance in only 16 seconds.
Operating the GAC2100 GI is a simple matter of selecting the desired product to test, pouring the sample into the test hopper, testing the sample, and displaying the results.
An easy-to-read LCD displays one-button to quickly and easily step the user through the entire procedure, which takes just a few seconds start to finish.
Two separate RS232 ports allow test results, by sample number, to be logged to a host computer and for sample tickets to be printed.
The GAC2100 GI may be programmed to test sixteen different grains, and it may be operated in eight different languages.

Main Features

  • measures moisture with a repeatability of ±0.1 (depending on conditions)
  • consistent measurement and display of test weight and temperature
  • stores up to 16 calibrations and 8 languages
  • more than 450 product calibrations available
  • automatic weighing
  • automated moisture and temperature compensation
  • use for cereals, oilseeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, and beans
  • two RS232 ports for parallel printing and data logging

Technical parameters:

  • power: 85-264 V / 48-62 Hz/ 20 VA
  • dimensions: 37,5 x 38,7 x 40,6 cm
  • weight: 11,8 kg