Product description

There are several analytical methods use for the determination of raw fiber (or its components) in food and feed sectors.  
Among them, Weende Method and the AOAC method for determination of total raw fiber, and furthermore Van Soest methods for Ndf (neutral detergent fiber) and Adf (Acid detergent fiber). 
Finally the methods to determine the single components of the fiber (cellulose, lignin,..).
VELP Scientifica has developed the extraction unit FIWE 6 with 6 places, a flexible solution able to satisfy all above mentioned analytical needs.
This instrument is able to optimize the operator’s manuality, to drastically reduce the analysis time, by assuring absolutely reliable results. 
FIWE unit allows to perform the analysis in the operational standardized conditions requested by the official methods.

Technical parameters:

  • Construction material: epoxy painted stainless steel structure
  • Type of extractions: cold and hot extractions
  • Number of samples: 6 positions
  • Samples: individually processed
  • Sample quantity: from 0,5 to 3 g
  • Sample removal: air pump
  • Reagent discharge: peristaltic pump
  • Digital timer: 0 - 99 minutes with acoustic signal at the end
  • Temperature: electronic regulation
  • Reagents and cooling water : separated outlets
  • Power: 1.200 W
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 760x620x390 mm