Consumables for DUMAS Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer

Product description

VELP Scientifica offers a wide range of superior quality consumables for the day-to-day operation of your including high-quality quartz tubes, crucibles, tin foils, long-life and premium reagents and catalysts, calibration standards (EDTA, 9.57% N), o-rings, seals and fittings.
At VELP Scientifica we manufacture most of the consumables we supply in order to ensure the most suitable solution for your NDA 701.
VELP offers a great advantage compared to competitors, instruments and consumables from a single source to optimize the performance of your analyzer.

Kit for 1000* analyses

VELP Scientifica also offers a consumables kit that contains all parts and reagents necessary for approximately 1000 analyses: combustion and reduction tubes, reagents and instrument fittings.
A pre-packed solution to save yourtime when ordering consumables for your analyzer!