Product description

Tabular arrangement control panel allows easy options one's from 7 programme, indication justified parameter and operating reports.
Top display showing time which was set /justified or subtraction time at minutes, bottom display showing you return turns of driving roll/min., or programme which you set. With membrane keyboard is possible to set programme 1-7.
Adjustable distance between rolls allows apply at mixing different cylindrical bin from average 35 mm.
Bin is possible apply in general height 500 mm (there are not a part of suppliers - is possible order them).  

Technical parameters:

  • Time: 1 - 999 min
  • Rotation speed of the roll: 64 rpm
  • Programs: 7 programmable combinations of total time, dwell time and partial rotation (parameter settings remain in memory of device even after switching off)
  • Weight: 10,8 kg
  • Power: 75 W
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 775 x 370 x 310 mm