Grain Moisture Testing, NIR Analyzers and other instruments

Company Mezos spol. s.r.o. is located in Hradec Králové. In the Czech market it sells laboratory equipment for agriculture, food industry and other sectors. Mezos provides a complete laboratory service, offering a variety of laboratory instruments including hygrometers, utilities for sampling materials and devices for implementing food analysis. We sell the equipment to measure the moisture either by determination of water content by the referee - drying, or hygrometers. The Hygrometer is an invaluable tool in measuring the moisture content of cereals, pulses and oilseeds. We offer not only hygrometers for such application, but also hygrometers to measure humidity of hay and hops. We specialise in various kinds of hygrometers - and offer grain moisture meter for business relation, operational hygrometer and gravimetric hygrometer. We can help you to choose the right hygrometer to suit your needs!

Laboratory Instruments

We specialise in precision instruments for the analysis of food and feed and also provide their sale and expert advice. We also provide a complete customer service of all our sold laboratory instruments. Our complex service includes a preferential repair solution for contracted laboratory instruments, respectively for contracted customers. An important part of our customer service is for training of the staff to operate the laboratory instruments effectively.


In focusing to the part of production and processing of grain we specialise in sampling of ingredients. For the sampling area we provide simple utilities for sampling - sampling rod, sample dividers and samplers for continuous sampling from the pipe line. Other provided utilities are for example column samplers for bulk materials sampling. An integral part of the sampling devices are pests detectors.

Food Analysis

Amongst the others, you can find the laboratory instruments for food analysis in our range. Food and feed analysis can be carried out by using many methods, our company Mezos spol.s.r.o. offers the equipment for determination of protein content by the Kjeldahl or Dumas method. Food analysis can be also realised by instruments that determinate the gross and digestible fibbers, extraction devices and many others for the food stuffs analysis.

Laboratory Equipment

In relation to our specialisation for laboratories we provide a full professional range of laboratory equipment like full spectrum of laboratory and shaft mixers, coiled laboratory thermostats and equipment for the determination of water quality and much more. If you are not sure what you really need we can support you to select the laboratory equipment that suits exactly your needs so that you save on costs for the final chosen laboratory equipment. This results in a satisfied customer – and that´s our goal!