We offer to our customers the following services:

  • assistance in selection of laboratory equipment (best compromise between prices and requirements)
  • supply of analysers and technical instruments including installation and training on site
  • in-warranty and out of warranty service on all products sold by our company
  • technical support
  • organization of ring tests for users of NIR analyser
  • calibrations development and maintenance for NIR analysers (creation of new calibration)
  • service over INTERNET on NIR analysers
  • organize training and seminar (QUALIMA - October /November - special seminar covering recent questions about the quality control of food and feed products)
  • offer service contracts for the maintenance of some instruments (Falling Number, extraction instrument, laboratory Sieves sifter)


  • special seminar for actual questions of quality food and feed products
  • the program is published usually at the end of October or beginning of November - in 2013 was already 22 subjects
  • last year participation was up to 100 partners from the Czech republic and from abroad (mainly manager of process, laboratory, producer, stocker, sellers and manufacturing)
  • lecture of experts from research and development, agriculture, trade and control (like SIF Praha, VÚRV Praha, ČMI, VŠCHT Praha, ČZU Praha, VÚPS Brno, ÚKZUZ Brno, SVÚ Bratislava and other)
  • for partner of seminars is printed a copy of all the lectures ( which is register under ISBN and ISSN).

Technical service  

  • In-warranty and out of warranty service on all instruments sold by our company
  • preventive maintenance for the instruments with or without contract
  • development of methods and calibrations – setting of instruments
  • loan spare instrument during repair time (submitted to yearly contract)

Preventive maintenance and service contract  

Details concerning the preventive maintenance and service contracts:

  • a visit is programmed once a year on a schedule agreed with the customer to perform a preventive maintenance on the instrument
  • service on defective instrument covered by the contract (after agreement, usually within a 48-hour delay)
  • other visits during the year for repair purposes invoiced only at cost of replaced parts
  • if the defective instrument cannot be repaired on-site, loan of a spare instrument
  • reduced labour charges in case of repair of an instrument not covered by a service contract but owned by a customer having at least one instrument covered by a service contract ( e.g if a customer has a NIR analyser covered by a service contract and needs service on a sample mill, the labour cost will be at a reduced price)

Ring test for user NIR instrument - Cropscan, Instalab, AgriCheck, OmegAnalyzer, InfraScan, Mininfra  

  • 4 times per year
  • for new instruments for 1 year free of charge
  • concern the determination of moisture, protein, gluten and Zeleny test
  • we publish periodically the statistic results from the ring test results
  • in case of large error from an instruments covered by service contracts, (see above), we will investigate to find the source of error and according to the conclusion will correct the instrument and/or provide indemnity

NIR analysers (Bruins Instruments)

  • over INTERNET we are able to interconnect with any PC over the world which is connected to internet and to any NIR analyser which is connected to Internet. It allows us to control remotely the NIR analyser to perform adjustments, upload and download data, add and modify calibrations, check the control programme or address specific requirements).